Our Strategy

International Strategy

Repair if You Care is a pan-European initiative developed by Europart. Each Europart member has signed up to developing a promotional strategy for its business and customers within its own country. More information and links to the Repair in You Care strategy in other countries can be found by visiting www.repairifyoucare.com

UK Strategy

Here in the UK, the Europart partner H.T.Maddocks in 2012 totally re-designed and re-launched this Repair if You Care website.

From then on, our strategy is threefold:

1. Promoting Eco Friendly Products that Help the Environment

We aim to promote products offered by our suppliers that have an environmental benefit the domestic appliance consumer, such as EU Eco-Label Goods.

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2. Driving Down the Cost of Repairs

We're actively promoting and encouraging our suppliers to keep the cost of spare parts and accessories as low as is possible to encourage and make all repair jobs financially viable. To this end, we’re in on-going contact with local and national media outlets to raise the profile and awareness of the project.

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Press Release 1

Press Release 2

Driving down the cost of repairs

A British company has played a leading role in launching a pan-European initiative to drive down the cost of repairing electrical domestic appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and refrigerators to the benefit of the environment.

The Europart Group Limited, whose head office is in South Wales, has been instrumental in rolling out a new scheme in several EU countries including Germany, Holland, Belgium and Denmark. The scheme, called "Repair If You Care" sees companies that are partners in this scheme using their joint buying power to drive down the cost of spare parts used in the repair of appliances to the benefit of their trade customers and to the eventual benefit of the consumer and the environment.

The scheme works in outline like this: Europart focuses on big ticket items used in repairs - items such as motors, timers, electronic modules and compressors - and sacrifices profit margin in favour of lower prices to the repair trade. Instead of buying such items at often artificially high prices, the repairman or reseller pays a much lower price for the part. He is then able to quote a much lower price for the repair, encouraging the end-user to make his appliance go the extra distance.

"Repair If You Care" off to a great start

Europart has reduced the prices of more than 920 “big ticket items” used in repairs – items such as Motors, Timers, and Electronic Modules. We have sacrificed profit margin in favour of lower prices to the Repair Trade.

  • Over 260 Washing Machine and Dishwasher Motors and Circulation Pumps have been reduced in price!
  • Over 660 Timers and Modules have been reduced in price!
  • You pay a much lower net price for the part. You are able then to quote a much lower package price for the repair, encouraging the end-user to make his appliance go the extra distance.

Too often in recent times the consumer has been deterred from undertaking a major repair on his appliance. With finished products offered at discounted prices in the big electrical chains, an appliance owner can often find that the cost of replacing a timer or a motor can be almost as high as buying a new appliance. So what happens? The end-user, who might only have had his appliance for 5 or 6 years, jettisons it in favour of buying new. Result? Very often another appliance carcass is destined for the landfill site. Under the Repair If You Care philosophy, an affordable repair price can be offered as an incentive to prolong the life of an otherwise sound appliance.

Here is an example of the kind of savings available - BSH Service quoted £247.86 including VAT to replace a faulty motor in an Exxcel - Maxx - Classixx - Extraklasse washing machine. Buy the motor from us, and you could do the same job all-in for £140 and still show a respectable profit.

  • Always make Europart your first stop when shopping around for Motor, Timer and Module prices!
  • Join the network of customers who will promote the philosophy of "Repair if you Care". For more information regarding the Repair If You Care Project please contact info@europart.co.uk.

3. Recruitment of Repair if You Care Agents

We’ve launched our own network of repair agents who are select, independent trading companies that have signed up to, and support the aims and objectives of the Repair if You Care project. Europart refer the enquiries we take for any repair jobs to these agents as we do not sell directly to the end consumer here in the UK.

To find your nearest Repair if You Care agent, click here.

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